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Face Care | Chinese Opera | Color Symbolism 

Rubber-type face care mask inspired by the face painting technique in Chinese Opera and the color symbolism that Chinese culture contains. In the Chinese culture of color symbolism, there are five main colors, red, black, yellow, blue, white, that correspond to the five elements which are water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. Chinese Opera acknowledges and embraces the symbolic colors and their meanings in the aspect of face painting called jing ju. The main idea here is to give the color symbolism with the face care mask while using the jing ju approach.

Chinese Opera  

The face painting technique in Chinese opera characters created within the colors. Characters of the actors playing and their inner personality on their faces shown with the color type. With one look the audience can understand the destiny of the actors and their nature. The makeup can be divided by type and color. The faces that have yellow in the greater part represent a fierce, ambitious, cold-hearted person, blue is a fierce character while green is a head-strong, impetuous. Red indicates that the person is brave, loyal, and righteous although white-faced people are arrogant, suspicious, and cheaters. The faces and the meanings are also differentiated by the pattern. The most common pattern is called the three-tile which consists of one of the colors applied to the forehead, nose, and cheeks; another color and pattern used to draw the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. And the face care mask has the attributes of a three-tile face pattern with all the others. 


Color Symbolism

The colors can be described as; red which is associated with fire means good fortune and joy, black means water and considered as neutral also seriousness, white is the color of purity and brightness, green/blue is harmony and health, yellow which is earth is good luck, and wealth. The role of the color in the design is where it creates the characteristics of the facial care masks as well as setting up the placement. The colors would be the same in the eyes and the mouth which are black and white. The other remaining part which has the biggest ratio would include the color change. 


Facial Care 

The subject here is to focus on different areas of the face with the partial placement of the colors. The mask has divided into three parts which are eyes, mouth, and cheeks/nose/ forehead. 

Every part would be specialized in where it would put on the face. The material is a sticky rubber consistency which helps to wrap the face and the color to stay more hue because of the material. 

Mask Types


+ Red rubber mask stands for giving energy and making the face look more energetic. This interpretation comes from the symbolic meaning of fire, joy, and fortune. 

++ The ingredients will include herbs like red ginseng which will give the energy one’s face needs.

+ The blue will represent health, which comes from the immortality and the harmony the color implies. 

++ The usage will mainly be for killing the acne and bacteria to make it look healthier

+ Yellow is the color of power because of its natural and royal aspects. It is also the color of the earth which is related to nutrition itself. 

++ It will feed the face with vitamins and nutrition so that it would gain power. 

+ White means purity and brightness. With the right ingredients, the face care mask will literally brighten the face.  

++ To brighten the face lemon and milk mix would be applied. 

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