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Bandit is a desk made out of three different materials which are metal pipes, a big plastic molded part, and weaved elastic bands. The concept consists of creating storage within the desk while keeping it clean and neat. In order to construct this concept, the desk was designed with two different hollows that operate to place all the stationary. Also the 40 mm wide weaved elastic bands pass under the plastic molded part will hold anything that is placed. 

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The products placed between plastic exterior and stretched elastic bands will stay put because of the band's elasticity and stick under the desk's surface. Because of these pieces that stay under the desk the plastic workspace is made semitransparent. Semitranparecy helps users to identify the item that is under the exterior. 

Although a big part of elastic bands stays under the work area, some can be seen above the hollow members. These visible bands are functionally useful as well as visually. Visually they interrupt the straight plastic surface. The purpose here is to form new areas to increase the variety of usage.   



5mm thick translucent plastic part can be manufactured with injection molding. There are holes that cut on hollow parts which are 40mm with and 2 mm high so the elastic bands can be wrapped all the way around.

All 11 weaved elastic bands are stitched themselves after they are wrapped around the metal tube. 

15 mm diameter thick steel rod which is the interior structure of the desk can be produced by simply bending and some parts welded. 




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