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Water Holder is an interactive toy for kids to wash up while learning to use less water. The purpose is to limit water usage and reduce the surplus. It shows that only a small amount of water is actually enough for simple tasks like washing hands or brushing teeth. The product’s objective is to make a habit of less water usage for kids. And It has an interactive way of doing it while creates a playable environment. The water needs to be squeezed from the product to get into usage. It makes the child work for the water with a squeezing interaction. The squeeze motion which is the main function of the product also helps kids to improve their motor skills with everyday hand usage.



The stretchable top part can be placed on any faucet. With its plastic holders, it won’t fall down as long as there is no air passing. The water enters from here and moves to the body. It is highlighted with yellow color in order to lead the user and show the material change which is different from the body material. 

The water only comes out when it is squeezed with pressure and opens up silicone small openings every time. The bottom piece also has small particles to help the cleaning. 

In the middle, there is another yellow-colored part. It is to conduct users to grab there and squeeze.

With the transparency of the body, how much water used or remains inside can be seen. It can expand to 200ml from its small balloon form. 

Close to the bottom, there are some colored lumps. These lumps add variations to playing also help to get better cleaning when it is used. As an interaction, these lumps will grow big with every squeeze. 


Encouraging the kids to perform 
more activities with hands

Muscle strength in everyday activities



Squeezing or grabbing has an important 
role in the daily life of a kid.

to create the habit of living a sustainable life and adapt to it while playing 

Experience the playful part as well as the educational one

Muscle strength of the hands and fingers increases as children grow and participate in everyday activities. Activities such as climbing, playing with toys, or scribbling with crayons all help to develop and strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers. Hand and finger strength is important as it is required for many everyday activities such as doing up buttons and zips, climbing monkey bars, or cutting up a piece of steak at mealtimes. 

Toys could be considered as one of the learning tool materials that help children to teach themselves and enhance different capabilities such as awareness, language, communication, cognitive ability, and even enhancing some social skills.

The educational benefits were discussed in-depth and found to affect the parental decision-making process. The general propensity for inductive learning also explains why learning from experience, 
particularly for young children, is always more powerful
than learning through instruction.

Encouraging the kids to perform as many strengthening activities throughout the day is important. Any activity that involves gripping against resistance will increase hand strength when used over time. For example, playing with playdough, or building with Duplo or lego. As your child’s hand strength improves, increase the amount of resistance in the activity. 

Target User

Children between the 
age of 4-6

The age of 4 is when the children start to do stuff on their own and enjoy independence like brushing teeth or using the toilet. Also, the time when they start using their hands more efficiently.



Ideation sketches for the design have been 
made throughout the design process.



Squeeze some more to play with the expandable particles

Soap it up and wash some more  

Wet again and play with until the soap is gone 

Stretch the rubber material at the top

Attach it to a faucet knob 

Pull it downwards to complete the tight fit

Open the water until the product expands 

Squeeze it to wet your hands 

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